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The Year of Rooster in Singapore

Travel Singapore /January 2017

Chinese New Year is literally just around the corner as you turn in to New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Seng Street. Every year, the whole stretch of Chinatown is warmly lit with hundreds of red, yellow and orange lanterns.

Chinese New Year in Singapore has always been big and festive. Grab your family and friends and experience the full Chinese New Year festivities.

Here are some events and activities that we look forward to this year:


1. Chinatown Lantern Display

Chinese New Year Lantern 2017

Source: straitstimes

A 13-m Rooster stood proudly at the junction between Eu Tong Seng Street and New Bridge Road, spreading its colourful wings. The jaw dropping display took over 45 days to complete involving 40 craftsman tirelessly sculpting wires for the giant Rooster and other 5,500 lanterns on display. 

As you drive down the street, you will be taken through the life journey of the Rooster through time, getting a glimpse of its life lessons under the warmly lit lanterns hanging above you. The design and conceptualization task was handed to first and second-year students from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). The design revolves around the concept that Rooster is the keeper of time. 

As an added bonus, if you'd like to adopt a lantern for office or community decoration, you'd be able to do so!



Eu Tong Seng Street

Date and Time

7 Jan 2017- 25 Feb 2017

2. Young Hungry Free Flea Market at LePark

Le Park Restaurant

Source: sg-asia-city

This year, Chinese New Year festivities is extended to the younger generations. Together with LePark Rooftop restaurant and bar, Young Hungry Free is holding a flea market and car boot market. The event will feature items from 100 local participating brands showcasing some products that are youthful, traditional and old-school. 

Head down to Le Park and find unique Chinese New Year goodies at a bargain!



Le Park

1 Park Road Level 6 People's Park Complex


Date and Time

14 Jan 2017- 15 Jan 2017

12:00 PM to 08:00PM each day


3. 10th International Lion Dance Competition

Source: chinatownfestivals

No Chinese New Year celebration is complete without some lion dance performances. You can witness the best of the best lion dance by attending the 10th International Lion Dance Competition. Beat to the beat for the drum and hold your breath as the lion jumps and performs intricate manoeuvres.

If this is your first time celebrating Chinese New Year, you wouldn't want to miss it! Drive down to the competition with our best Chinese New Year Package, contact us to learn more!



Banda Street Carpark

288 S Bridge Rd, Singapore 058840


Chinatown Festivals Website for ticket sales

Date and Time

14 Jan 2017- 15 Jan 2017


4. Huayi Theatre Performances

Midsummer Night's Dream

Source: esplanade

If you are still craving to learn more of the Chinese culture and arts, Huayi Chinese Art Festival is back! Huayi focuses on bringing the limelight to Chinese artist in Singapore through traditional and contemporary art performances ranging from theatre, music and others. This year, Huayi is bringing its adaptation of Shakesphere's "A Midsummer's Night Dream", starring Anthony Wong, a Golden Horse Award-winner and Candice Wu. 

Aside from the theatre play, there are concerts from Taiwanese artist Yoga Lin and others. Huayi provides a perfect way to be immersed in the Chinese arts and culture. You can purchase tickets or search for performance dates here.



Esplanade Theatre 

1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981

Date and Time

3 Feb 2017 - 12 Feb 2017


5. Chingay Parade 2017

Source: Coconuts Singapore

Wrap up the festivities with an ever bigger bang with Chingay Night Fiesta! The Chingay parade held yearly in Singapore is the biggest street performance and float parade in Asia! During this parade, light up floats will cruize down the streets of Chinatown as you watch entertainments from local and overseas artists through out the night. 

We will update you on the upcoming road closure for Chingay Parade so follow us on Facebook!



Eu Tong Seng Street and New Bridge Road

Date and Time

12 Feb 2017

07:30 PM to 09:30PM


So this is what we would be doing this Chinese New Year... Hope you can join in the fun! 

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year ahead! Stay tuned for our favourite Chinese New Year Restaurant list next week!