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Parking.SG: a great start towards a more convenient driving experience

Opinion Singapore Car /August 2017

Using coupons to pay for parking has been something that most Singaporeans are familiar with, given that it has been almost a 40-year solution. While the majority of the car parks have gone electronic, close to 1,000 of them still require the use of parking coupons.


Come October 2017, motorists will be able to use Parking.SG for street parking. We've gotten a taste of it and these are what we love!



Other features that made the difference:


After testing it out, we foresee Parking.SG to be a one stop parking solution. Some enhancements that we wish to see are:

  • Real-time parking management that shows which vacant parking slots around the area

  • Vehicle finder through drop-a-pin function

Share this exciting news with your friends! If you are interested to try it out yourself, sign up at Parking.SG to join in the trial