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Good habits to help save up your fuel

Opinion Singapore Car Aut... /August 2017

The Household Survey conducted in 2013 shows that total of expenses for personal transportation expenses makes up 5.3% of total living expenses. Out of which 45.28% is spent on petrol. For something that's a major contributor on day-to-day transportation expenses, learn how to minimize your car's fuel consumption with good driving and car upkeep habits.


Here are a few things to keep in mind that would help you save up your fuel and go the extra mile!



1. Stick with the Standard

Although it's tempting to customize your vehicle to actualize your dream car, most cars are designed ergonomically to reduce wind resistance that helps maximize fuel efficiency. Adding spoilers or wings, changing to wider tires will result in your car engine working harder on the highway and increased wheel rolling resistance. 

Thus, sometimes it's best to stick with the standard setting, no cost in customization and lower petrol cost. 


2. Regular Car Maintenance


Another big ticket item in personal transport operational cost is the cost of maintenance. It's an expense that you should not be skipping to ensure fuel savings over a longer period of time. Routine servicing allows your car to always function at its optimal level, allowing the engine's workload to be constant.


However, aside from the cost alone, general regular repairs and maintenance of cars can be a hassle. Imagine, having to drive your car to the workshop to get the engine filters, spark plugs cleaned and your wheels realigned every six to nine months. It can be time-consuming! Even if you can find a workshop that allows you to drop-off your car, there's the extra hassle of not having the car for a day.


Check out how you can free yourself of the hassle, save cost and better manage your finances with our car leasing options!


3. Keep the Tyre Pressure 


Giving your car a little prod and kick on the tire every now and then would help you save up some bucks. Underinflated tires increase rolling resistance, pushing your engine to work harder and consuming more petrol. Most petrol kiosk has a tire pressure gauge machine. A few extra minutes checking your tire pressure will save you another trip to the petrol station so soon.

All our cars' recommended tire pressure can be found on the side door jamb.


4. Proper Planning and Optimize Trips


Sometimes planning your meetings and errands together can be a blessing for your wallet. Plan your day or week ahead of time, avoid ad-hoc short driving trips, as it tends to be heavier on fuel consumption. 

This increase of fuel consumption is because cold engines tend to burn more fuel to reach their proper running temperature.


5. Anticipate Traffic Ahead


Anticipating the traffic and the drivers around you is not only a safe driving habit, but it will reward you with lower fuel consumption. The ability to anticipate the drivers around you would allow a smoother journey, avoiding losing momentum by staying at a steady speed. 

Some of our cars are equipped with cruising mode, allowing your engine to be disconnected from the transmission, maintaining a steady speed. Check out our car catalogue!



Other decisions that you can make is by purchasing premium petrol that is required by the car manufacturer to keep your engine clean. However, if your car doesn't require premium fuel, it's important to assess whether you really need to fork up the premium!

Read more and decide whether it's worth it to fork up the additional bucks for premium fuel!




Source: Household Survey 2013 (SingStat), Straits Times