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Easter 2017 Singapore Long Weekend Food Hunting Trail: Day Two- Journey to the East

Travel Singapore Easter R... /March 2017

1. Breakfast- Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee

  Source: DanielFoodDiary

Fuel up your day with some delicious steaming prawn mee and pork ribs. Open at 08:00, the stall at Jalan Sultan's recipe can be tracked back to 70 years ago. Dry or soup take your pick it would be equally delicious! 

They are also famous for their Ngoh Hiang. 

You can park your car along the road parking spot in front of the shop if you are lucky.


2. Lunch- Eng's Wanton Noodle


Priced at SGD 5.00, you will have the spiciest noodle at Eng's Wanton Noodle. Their chili is highly raved as super spicy (don't say we never warned you), but it pairs well with the chewy noodle and crispy wanton. 

Lunch time here would be very crowded, but it's worth the queue. Make sure you come a bit earlier to avoid the massive crowd. 

You can park your car behind the shop houses block, entrance is next to the petrol station.


3. Dinner- Geylang Claypot Rice


In Singapore, we love our claypot dishes. This claypot rice was featured in 2016 Michellin Bib Gourmand. So we had to check it out!

The dish is heated over slow fire using charcoal. The dish is cooked without any dark sauce and you can add it in according to your liking.

A tip, is to leave the rice cook for a minute before stirring the claypot. Take the time to instagram your meal! This will ensure you get that tasty crispy rice on the side of the claypot.


Things to do nearby

The route we selected is perfect for a little bit of activity in the weekend.

After your breakfast, pop by Singapore Sports Hub, you can take a slow walk around Singapore Sports Hub or bring a volley ball and play few rounds with your friends and family.

If you'd opt for something that requires less prop and indoor, Kallang Mall has a rock climbing facility. Priced at SGD22 for adults, you can enjoy unlimited rock climbing experience.

Your lunch place is near East Coast Park, a short drive, you can enjoy one of the best sunset in Singapore at Changi Coastal Walk. A great way to work off that wonton mee.



As usual, here's your route for the day if you'd like to follow our trail! Need a car? Contact us for the best long weekend car rental rate this Easter 2017!

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