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A Simple Vesak Holiday in Singapore

Travel Singapore Vesak /May 2017

Vesak, a celebration commemorating the Buddha's birth, enlightenment, death and his passing to Nirvana. It's a time of joy, peace, and reflection. For those who are wondering what to do during this holiday, here are some of our suggestions that are inspired by the overarching idea behind Vesak.


1. 'Chasing Enlightenment' Road Trip

The best way to find enlightenment is to take the time for yourself. Get yourself away from the busy Singapore. Be it a stroll in the forest or a quiet day sitting by the quay reading a book. We've selected some of the best places to get away from the city!

Take this day for yourself! Find tranquility, you deserve it. 


2. Willing Hearts Singapore


Vesak day is mostly spent on worthy causes as it's believed that performing good deeds will multiply merit many times over. During this public holiday, Willing Hearts Singapore still opens their door for volunteers. For those aspiring chefs and parents wanting to teach their kids how to cook, Willing Hearts cooks and distributes 5,000 daily meals all year round to 40 locations islandwide.

Though it's tempting to sleep in during this public holiday, volunteers at Willing Hearts start their day as early as 5:30 AM. You can sign up for later slots because you do deserve a little break during this hump day. Sign up here!


3. Into The Wild at Art Science Museum

Source: MarinaBaySands

Find peace by going Into The Wild. Rest assured you could ditch your boots and insect repellant on this trip. Step into the role of wildlife ranger and embark on a virtual reality thrill.

At the same time, you can plant a tree via the new Tango-enabled smartphone and a real tree will be planted at Rimbang Baling, Indonesia. Doing good can be as simple as a tap of the screen. After, you will receive photos of the tree as it grows also the exact coordinates! 

Do your part and protect the homes of these endangered animals!

Planning to go? Don't forget to reserve your device!


4. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple


Immerse yourself in the Vesak celebration at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. During the peak of the Vesak day celebration, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is opening its gates to anyone who wishes to attend the celebration. The celebration will be held in the Hundreds Dragon Hall (Level 1). 

If you have never set foot in this hall, it should be reason enough to make a drive down to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The Hundreds Dragon Hall is heavily decorated with golden dancing Dragons paying tribute to the hundred buddhas placed within this room. 


5. Coffee and Books


If you really plan to wake up super late, start your day with a good brunch, good friends or a good book! Singapore is dotted with so many great cafes. We've narrowed down your options in our Cafe guide released back in March 2017. 

For some great meal and good coffee, go to the Betterfield Singapore. Not only do they serve mean dishes, their coffee surely won't disappoint as they roast their own beans and create their own blends. 


May you have a wonderful and peaceful Vesak!